Friday, August 10, 2012

The SCOPE Blogroll: Inspiration for Back to School!

If you haven't seen the blogroll on SCOPE, you are missing out! The number of school counselors who are blogging seems to be increasing at lightning speed; there are lots of ideas for inspiration! Although each blog varies in its posting frequency and consistency, SCOPE has cataloged 34 blogs so far and for certain there are more out there! If yours isn't listed, please leave a comment or notify me and I'll add it ASAP!

Some school counselor blogs are aimed at the school community audience (students, families, staff) and act as a website of sorts to share information, events, programming, etc. Other school counselor blogs are aimed at a colleague audience (school counselors, grad students, educators) and offer insights, inspiration and ideas. Check out the examples in the blogroll to get a sense of the differences.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, SCOPE recommends that you identify the audience you want to target and stick with it. Susan Spellman Cann, a SCOPE fan and school counsellor in Canada, recently shared this great article on How to Write the Perfect Blog Post. For those of you who are familiar with Danielle Schultz of School Counselor Blog, one of the most highly trafficked school counseling blogs around, she recommends checking out ProBlogger for tips and ideas on blogging.


  1. Hello. I have a school counseling blog I will like you to check it out. It is written in spanish since I am in Puerto Rico. Anyway I will like it to be listed. Maybe someone will find it helpfull. Thanks!

  2. I also have a school counseling resource blog

    Please check it out when you can. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for including my blog in the blogroll!

  4. Hi Dr. Mason, I have just created a school counselor blog and would like it to please be added to your blogroll. Here is the link:

    Thanks so much!!!

  5. I would love to be added to this list. I am fairly new to blogging but am bringing the perspective of a new International School Counselor. Please add

    Thanks for your collaboration and networking efforts!


  6. Thanks for your nice information.. And the scope is important one then only we will reach our dream.. I wish you to get all success in your life from your school search onwards..

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