Friday, March 22, 2013

Using Networked Blogs

verb |ˈsindiˌkāt| [ with obj. ] • publish or broadcast (material) simultaneously in a number of newspapers, television stations, etc.:his reports were syndicated to 200 other papers.

    Ever wonder how to syndicate your blog to multiple social media accounts? If you haven't figured out a trick for this you may find yourself copying and pasting the links to your blog posts to all of your accounts which can get tedious after a while. And if you have multiple blogs like I do, it can become a real headache. While there are multiple ways to syndicate your blog to social media accounts, I thought I'd share the method I use with a tool called Networked Blogs. 
    Networked Blogs works through your Facebook account for signing in but once you get it set up, just let it do its thing and you rarely need to go back into it. Essentially, what Networked Blogs does is link your blog to various social media "targets" and then automatically syndicates to those targets every time you post to your blog. 
    Before you can start syndicating, you'll need to "register your blog" with Networked Blogs. Find this on the upper left corner of the screen next to "directory" and you will be prompted to enter the address for your blog. In the photo below you see my "dashboard" with the three blogs I run listed on the left hand side. In the larger frames to the right you see each blog with its most recent post and an indication that syndication is working as it is supposed to. To see how to select your "targets" for syndication scroll to the next photo:

I clicked on the "manage on dashboard" for the SCOPE blog and this is a photo of the next screen. For step 1 choose the blog to syndicate (obviously if you only have one, it will be the only choice here). Then for step 2, add the Facebook or Twitter targets of your choice. Once you click the Facebook or Twitter button you will be prompted to enter the account information. At that point, you should see a preview of your most recent post.

Once I post to any of my blogs, it is syndicated to their coordinating Facebook and Twitter accounts - including this very post! If it seems complicated, it really isn't. The 15-20 minutes it took for me to understand how to do this and set it up are nothing compared to the time and tedium it saves me in syndicating my content.

If you have another method for syndication I'd LOVE to know about so please share!

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